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Chihuahua Long Coat Key Rack

Chihuahua Long Coat Key Rack

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Our beautiful key racks are practical, attractive, and provide a great way of adding a touch of character to any home. Whilst they were originally created for those who are forever searching for their missing keys, they can also be used as dog lead racks, dog harness racks, or for any other miscellaneous household items.

Lots of keys? You need lots of Hooks! Our 6 Hook Key Racks were made when our standard 3 Hook Key Holders began overflowing, and they offer the perfect solution! Car keys, house keys, shed keys, dog leads, collars, leadropes – these handy little hangers will take care of them all. The standard 6 hook key rack design has mirrored image. We also have some beautiful Panoramic designs which really paint a scene.

3 Hook Key Rack approx 17cm x 15cm.
6 Hook Key Rack approx 34cm x 15cm

This is the smallest breed of dog. The Chihuahua comes in a long coat variety as well as the Chihuahua smooth coat

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