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Japanese Chin Stable Door Name Plates

Japanese Chin Stable Door Name Plates

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A stable door nameplate, a bedroom door nameplate, a colourful house sign...... whatever your need, we will have an exford plate to suit. Available in 15 colours, with 3 different vinyl's to choose from, and over 1500 motifs for you to select from, we have over 65000 combinations available. Originally created as a stable door Plaque, we now supply them for a multitude of applications. From dog kennel nameplates to “in-memoriam” plaques, our Exford plates become a chapter title in the stories of our customers, and we are honoured to be part of the journey with them. What is the title of your next chapter?

24cm x 8cm in size, handmade from 2mm mild steel and coated in a low density polyethene for true depth of colour. Not sure exactly what you want? Speak to one of our in house Signwriters and let them help you.

The Japanese Chin sometimes just called the Chin is a small toy breed, its purpose is to be the perfect companion.

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