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Pistol Shooting Boot Rack

Pistol Shooting Boot Rack

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Coming from farming and equestrian backgrounds, we know what a pain muddy boots can be in the winter. You don’t want to bring them in the house and traipse mud inside, but leaving them outside means risking them getting full of rain, snow, or worse – spiders! To combat this dilemma, we created our ingenious boot racks, which hold 3 (or 4) pairs of boots of all sizes, upside down! This means they can be used inside or out, without getting the floors dirty or having to put up with wet feet in the morning. Simply screws to the wall.

Our standard boot rack has your chosen design and the word BOOTS, and we also some lovely Panoramic designs which really create a beautiful scene in any home.

3 Pair Boot Rack approx 58cm x 24cm.
4 Pair Boot Rack approx 74cm x 24cm


3 Pair - 58cm x 24cm

4 Pair - 74cm x 24cm

All sizings are approximate and will vary slightly depending on design.

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