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White Swiss Hanging Brackets

White Swiss Hanging Brackets

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13" Hanging Basket Brackets

Beautiful, traditional, and classy, our hanging basket brackets are a great way to add a touch of personalisation to your garden, stable yard or front door. Hand-made in the UK from mild steel and coated in high density polyethylene, they look stunning in summer with a basket full of flowers, or they can serve as a wildlife saviour in the winter with a bird feeder hanging underneath. With over 1500 designs to choose from, including horses, dogs, cats, pets, hedgehogs, birds, and lots more, they also make the perfect gift. Approximately 33cm long x 30cm high, These Hanging Basket Brackets are designed to take a 12” Hanging basket.
16" Hanging Basket Brackets

The 'big brother' to our 13" hanging basket brackets, these are equally as beautiful, and look particularly eye-catching on larger properties or on fences visible from the road. Hand-made in the UK from mild steel and coated in high density polyethylene to provide a weatherproof finish, these sturdy, high-quality brackets can be used for a whole host of purposes. Whilst they look stunning with the traditional basket full of flowers underneath, those who lack a green thumb can still enjoy them with wind chime or bird feeder attachment – which the local wildlife will be sure to thank you for in the winter! Available in over 1500 unique designs, including horses, dogs, wildlife, farming, and transport, there really is something to suit everyone, making them the perfect gift too. Approximately 40cm long x 40cm high, these Hanging Basket Brackets are designed to take a 16” Hanging Basket.

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog has two coat types , medium and Longhaired

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